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Welcome, and thank you for visiting AQA Personal Security online! By visiting our site you've shown an interest in learning about strategies for making your own life, and those of your loved ones, more safe. At AQA-PS our goal is to help you along that path by offering effective personal safety training in a comfortable, non-threatening environment,
no matter what your existing skill set.

Staying safe primarily means possessing the right knowledge and skills to avoid creating circumstances that appeal to violent criminals. Often this can be accomplished by relying upon adequate awareness, proper attitude, and non-lethal defensive means. However, for many people staying safe also means having at their disposal the skills and equipment necessary to be prepared for a more forceful defense of self, home, and family. Required skills may include a need for
initial pistol selection, personal firearms training, group firearms classes, and/or concealed handgun classes.

With these facts in mind, AQA-PS offers courses that cover a wide spectrum of needs for beginning and intermediate students, and will soon introduce world-class workplace training for corporate entities. Whatever your personal safety training needs, please join us and see what we mean when we say that we offer, "practical training to protect your family."

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