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NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home

This course is comprehensive and intensive in its approach to equipping the
defensive shooting candidate with the skills needed to survive serious adversity.

Students should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition during level one,
and an additional 115 rounds in the level two section. The ammunition requirements are
minimum and may be exceeded.

The course teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding
dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed
pistol for self-defense outside the home. Students may attend this course using a quality
strong side hip holster that covers the trigger, or a holster purse. From a review of safe
firearms handling and proper mindset to presentation from concealment and multiple
shooting positions, this course contains the essential skills and techniques needed to prevail
in a life-threatening situation.

The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course is divided into two levels (basic and
advanced). Level one is a nine-hour course and offers the essential knowledge and skills
that must be mastered in order to carry, store, and use a firearm safely and effectively for
personal protection outside the home. Upon completion of level one, students may choose to
attend level two, which is an additional five hours of range training and teaches advanced
shooting skills. After the classroom portion, students should expect to spend several hours
on the range.

Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home
handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure and the appropriate course completion
certificates(s), NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside The Home (identifies strong-side hip
holster or purse use) certificate, and NRA Advanced Personal Protection Outside The Home

Course run time: 9 hours (level one) plus 5 hours (level two).

Prerequisites: The participants in this course must be at least 21 years of age and possess
the defensive pistol skills presented in the NRA Basics of Personal Protection In The Home
course. Participants must also understand the basic legal concepts relating to the use of
firearms in self-defense, and must know and observe not only general gun safety rules, but
also those safety principles that are specific to defensive situations. Prospective participants
can demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes by producing an
NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course Certificate, or by passing the pre-course

Note: The Lesson III of the Personal Protection In and Outside The Home courses,
Firearms and the Law, and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense, is conducted by an
attorney licensed to practice law within the state in which this course is given and
who is familiar with this area of the law, a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) who
possesses an intermediate or higher Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
certificate granted within the state, or an individual currently certified to instruct in
this area of the law by the state in which this course is presented.


Live ammunition is never allowed in classrooms.


Defensive Stategies for Protecting Against Violent Assaults Outside the Home
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