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Texas Concealed Handgun License

This course is the state-required prerequisite for a Texas concealed handgun license. The course
covers a variety of concealed carry topics, the Texas CHL laws, the mandatory range qualification
test, and the necessary paperwork other than the fingerprints (see below).

This is a 10-hour course as required by Texas state law. This course does NOT teach students how
to shoot. Students with little or no handgun experience are strongly encouraged to take the NRA
Basic Pistol Course prior to the CHL course--the NRA Basic Pistol course will prepare you to pass
the CHL range test with a high score on the first try.

Texas CHL course Fee:  $99 Texas 4-hour CHL Renewal course Fee: $79 CHL Course Fee Includes both classroom instruction and range qualification.

The Texas CHL Range Proficiency requirements are:
Of a possible score of 250 points, 175 points (70%) are required to pass. A total of 50
rounds are fired during range qualifications, and you must use a handgun (semi-automatic or
revolver) of .32 caliber or larger. No laser sights are permitted. You may qualify with either a
semi-automatic or a revolver, but if you qualify with a revolver only, you will not be licensed to
carry a semi-automatic.


1 shot in 2 seconds, 5 times 5 shots in 10 seconds, 1 time 2 shots in 6 seconds, 1 time
2 shots in 3 seconds, 5 times 2 shots in 4 seconds, 1 time 3 shots in 9 seconds, 1 time
5 shots in 10 seconds, 1 time 3 shots in 6 seconds, 1 time 5 shots in 15 seconds, 1 time
  1 shot in 3 seconds, 5 times  
  5 shots in 15 seconds, 1 time  


If you don't pass the range test on the first try, you can retake it. If taken on the same day,
repeat testing adds a $10 fee plus ammo if you are renting a firearm from us. If repeat testing
is not done on the same day, there will be a $45 fee in addition to any extra ammo and
firearm rental charges. If you have any doubt about your ability to pass the range test on the
first try, we recommend that you take the NRA Basic Pistol Course before taking the CHL
range proficiency test.

The CHL Course Fee Does NOT Include:

  • Ammunition (50 rounds minimum--but plan to bring some extra ammo)
  • Texas state CHL application fees (see the list of fees on the TDPS website)
  • As of March 1, 2011 Texas CHL instructors are no longer permitted to provide
    fingerprinting services. 


Note: This is not an NRA-approved course.



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